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Begin your journey by securing a travel insurance which is specifically designed to cover all travel related contingencies. “The Universal Travel Insurance” is a comprehensive travel product which provides protection to travelers against a sudden injury or illness while they are anywhere outside their country of residence. Particularly designed to fit the Schengen visa requirements, it is recognized and accepted by all foreign consulates and embassies. Working in collaboration with global partner companies which are Mideast Assistance International and Dutch Euro Cross International, we offer our clients with a wide range of medical and travel-related assistance services, making their trip hassle-free. Applying through a Web- based secure application system, clients will be provided with electronically signed certificates of coverage protecting them against any travel contingencies.

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Cheap Family Travel Insurance

Family travel insurance is available with three different coverage Limits of 10,000 USD, 50,000 USD and 100,000. For traveling to Schengen States a minimum of 50,000 USD or 30,000 Euro of coverage is mandatory. Family insurance include husband, wife (age limit 85 years) & three children (age limit 18 years) with equal limit of coverage of each beneficiary. Family policy could be issued for minim two beneficiaries i.e. Father or mother plus one child & maximum for 5 beneficiaries i.e. father, mother plus three children.

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Travel Insurance Benefits: how we can take care of you*

Medical Emergency Support

• Sudden illness and injuries

• Unforeseen incidents

• Medical costs

• Access in remote areas

Emergency Transport

• Need medication urgently

• Quick access to far areas

• Know the nearest hospital or medical center

• we reach there because we care

Trip Cancellation or Rescheduling

• Travel Information Service

• Trip cancellation

• Assistance in rescheduling trip

Lost Luggage

• Airline lost baggage

• Baggage is delayed

• Coverage of luggage

• Reimbursed with necessary items



Common Travel Insurance Questions and Misconceptions Answered

While planning a trip abroad, travel insurance is a must have and one of the most important things you need to buy for your tour. Travel insurance is no doubt the best safety measure that one can take for their trip but since it is a confusing subject and carries a lot of misconceptions.



Expensive Travel Mistakes You're Likely to Make

As human beings we often make mistakes but sometimes expensive mistakes cost more than others. While organizing a travel plan, we should be aware of certain safety measures and do not make mistakes that can be really expensive. While going on a trip and avoiding expensive travel mistakes you can save enough amount and enjoy your trip without any hassle.



Steps to Safer Off Grid Travel

Now a days the trend of off grid travel is becoming more popular and interesting due to various reasons that can include both personal and political. It is much praised in travel industry and a wide number of tourists are interested in off grid travel. When you are planning for a vacation it means that you want to have a refreshing and sanative break from your normal life.